Top 8 Parse Alternatives – Which is the best option?

Parse is a standout choice among BaaS platforms today and relies upon developers across the world. It is currently one of the most reliable and agile backend services for multiple platform development. Yet, many developers like utilizing Parse alternatives for added functionality and flexibility.

The top Parse alternatives available can potentially measure up to the popular platform. Read on to discover different options’ features, prices, and benefits.  

What is Parse? 

Parse alternatives
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Parse is a BaaS platform offering SDKs (software development kits) to develop mobile backends for a wide variety of platforms.

It is an open-source framework relied upon by developers for speedy and effortless iOS, Android, JavaScript, OS X, and Windows applications development.

Users widely prefer to Parse as it has the support of a large developer community. It enables the creation of scalable mobile and web backends, a hassle-free and efficient experience. 

Parse gives users freedom from the need for excessive server management. It provides several features, including push notifications, file storage, APIs, and data storage.

Parse technology finds use in various applications, including CMS, social networking applications, real-time payment applications, streaming applications, e-commerce applications, games, and IoT applications.

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What features should a Parse alternative have? 

Parse users looking for an alternative to the platform do have some options. It is vital to ascertain that any Parse alternative you choose has the right features. Take a look.

  • Database – Parse offers users the option of using both NoSQL and SQL as databases. This is one of the most integral functionalities to look for if you seek an alternative to Parse. 
  • APIs – Any Parse alternative should offer developers the option to effortlessly create APIs like REST and GraphQL for optimizing application development. This feature is vital for ensuring ideal development outcomes. 
  • Cloud Code Functions – Cloud Code is an advanced feature that helps applications obtain logic from the cloud. Updation of Cloud Code makes it instantly available across all mobile environments. 
  • Authentication – This is another crucial feature to ensure that your data and resources stay safe during and after the development process. Any Parse alternative you choose should have adequate authentication features.
  • Notifications – Parse features push notifications that enable apps to send auto-notifications to users. Parse alternatives should have support for push notifications.  
  • File Storage – Any platform should offer ample file storage options and compatibility with leading service providers such as Back4App and Google Cloud.

What are the best Parse alternatives? 

Here is a list of some of the best Parse replacements. Keep reading find out the best Parse BaaS alternatives.


Back4App is an open-source backend from Parse that offers scalability and usability for developers. It can be relied upon for mobile, web, and IoT application development. 


  • Back4App provides a data model for developers to generate, update, and synchronize app data efficiently.
  • Back4App lets users use both GraphQL and Rest APIs.
  • Live queries offered by Back4App lets developers utilize queries, and perform real-time data sync and storage.
  • Back4App provides scalable hosting to let developers scale hosting based on requirements. 
  • Other features include Parse server hosting, custom backend, database mobile hub, migration from Parse, etc.


Back4app is a great Parse alternative free option to start.

  • Free – A starter plan offering 1 Gb storage and transfer, 10k requests, and a 250 Mb database
  • Shared – Back4App Shared plan offers daily backup and recovery, multi-regions, auto-scaling, and round-the-clock monitoring. Prices range between $25 to $100 per month. 
  • Dedicated – This plan offers greater security, multi-cloud, dedicated VMs, and 24×7 monitoring. The Silver and Gold Dedicated plans are priced at $250 to $400, respectively. 


Backendless is a MbaaS app development platform with several powerful tools for developers. It provides managed, dedicated, and cloud servers for users. 


  • Backendless database is a scalable offering with support for NoSQL databases.
  • Caching lets developers enhance the speed at which apps function.
  • Centralized management of log files is a feature that enhances the efficiency of applications.
  • Geolocation enables developers to create apps with location awareness with geofencing. 


  • Backendless Cloud – It is a plan that offers ample API calls, database tables, push notifications, scaling, and more. Prices range between $0 to $99 per month.
  • Backendless Pro – Users of this plan can use Backendless on public cloud, computer, and private data centers. 
  • Managed Backendless – This is a fully managed plan with flexible pricing based on client requirements. It offers no limitations and an uptime guarantee. 


Firebase is one of the top Parse alternatives to consider and the mobile app development platform of Google. It provides many features and tools and uses JSON for data storage. 


  • Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL database for storing and syncing data for both server-side and client-side programming.
  • Firebase offers scalable and fast web app hosting, one-click rollback, and SSL protection.
  • Firebase Realtime Database is a NoSQL database that enables developers to store and sync data efficiently. 


  • Spark Plan – Spark offers 10 GB hosting, custom domains, SSL, and multiple websites. It also gives access to Cloud Firestone and Firebase ML. 
  • Blaze Plan – The Blaze Plan provides all Spark features and is billed under the Pay as you go model.


Kinvey is a serverless app development platform for developing multichannel applications. It functions through a combination of SDKs and cloud backend. 


  • Kinvey offers a serverless backend to focus on user experience and application functionality.
  • Codesharing enables users to create cross-platform apps and perform effortless code management.
  • Kinvey lets users experience full-fledged angular development and full access to native platform APIs. 


  • Starter Bundles – Starter Bundles include Starter, Starter Pro, and Starter Max, priced at $2,500, $5,000, and $7,500, respectively. 
  • Business – It is a plan suitable for small businesses, and enables access for 3 developers at a price of $15,000 per year. 
  • Enterprise – This is a requirement-specific pricing plan, offering access to unlimited developers, and offering 24/7 support. 


Heroku is a PaaS service for efficient application deployment, scaling, and management. It supports a wide range of programming languages and virtual containers for applications. 


  • Heroku DX is an application-focused delivery mechanism that enables swift and hassle-free development. 
  • Heroku OpEx aids developers in detecting and troubleshooting application issues. 


Heroku pricing is divided as follows:

  • Free and Hobby – This plan starts at $0 and is most well-suited for non-commercial applications.
  • Production Plan – It starts at $25/month and prices can rise based on development requirements.
  • Advanced Plan – It starts at $250/month and offers a wide range of sophisticated features.
  • Enterprise – It is a custom pricing plan for enterprise customers with greater security and compliance needs. 


Kuzzle is an open-source platform with a scalable server, admin console, API, and several plugins for search, geofencing, and other advanced features. It is helpful for mobile, IoT, and web application development. 


  • Real-time pub/sub is a query language for creating event-driven applications.
  • Kuzzle is open-source but offers various innovative features for users.
  • Kuzzle offers on-premises deployments with horizontal scaling. 


  • Free – The Free Kuzzle plan lets users get started for free.
  • Managed cloud edition – This plan starts at $1200/month and offers several advanced features and functionalities. 

AWS Amplify 

AWS Amplify refers to several features and services for developing AWS full-stack apps. It is a reliable solution for frontend and mobile development. 


  • Analytics is a feature for understanding user behaviors, complete with auto-tracking and advanced metrics.
  • Push notifications enable improving the engagement level and facilitate advanced customer targeting.
  • AWS Amplify offers persistent on-device storage and syncing to users. 


  • Free Tier – It is a free plan offering 5 GB and 15 GB stored and hosting per month, along with 1000 build minutes/month. 
  • Pay as you go – This Amplify offers $0.01/build minutes, $0.023/GB, and $0.15/GB stored and hosting per month, respectively. 


Kumulos is a mobile app development platform offering a set of advanced features, including mobile app hosting. It is one of the top Parse alternatives to consider. 


  • Push notifications are a Kumulos feature for personalized user messages and targeting customers.
  • Kumulos features a robust MbaaS setup that is scalable, offers API integration, and works with existing databases. 


  • Startup – The Startup plan is a beginner plan with Premium Support if a user lays additional fees.
  • Enterprise – Kumulos Enterprise offers a wide range of flexible pricing options based on the services opted for.
  • Agency – Agency is a plan offering many features to help users achieve optimal mobile app performance management. 

Vendors Comparison Table 

Back4AppOpen-source backend for developing web, mobile, and IoT applications * Database with Rest API and GraphQL API functionality* Live queries * Scalable hosting 

* Free* Shared ($25 to $100 per month)* Dedicated (Silver and Gold at $250 to $400 respectively)
Backendless Open-source Mbaas platform offering managed, dedicated, and cloud servers.* Database with SQL and NoSQL support* Caching* Centralized log file management * Backendless Cloud ($0 to $25 per month)* Backendless Pro (flexible)* Managed Backendless (flexible)
FirebaseThe mobile application development platform of Google, with JSON data storage* NoSQL database for client-side and server-side programming* App hosting, SSL protection, and one-click rollback  * Spark Plan (free)* Blaze Plan ($0.026/GB and $0.026/GB monthly for hosting and storage respectively)
Kinvey Serverless app development platform for multichannel apps* Serverless backend* Code sharing and agile code management * Angular development and native API access* Starter, Starter Pro and Starter Max, priced at $2,500, $5,000 and $7,500 respectively* Business ($15,000 per year)
* Enterprise (requirement-specific)
HerokuPaaS for deployment, scaling, and management of applications* Heroku DX is an application-focused delivery mechanism* Heroku OpEx for detecting and troubleshooting application issues.* Free and Hobby (starts at $0)
* Production Plan (starts at $25/month) 
* Advanced Plan (starts at $250/month)* Enterprise (custom pricing)
KuzzleOpen-source platform with admin console, server, API, plugins and geofencing* Real-time pub/sub * On-premises deployment with horizontal scaling functionality* Free (free)* Managed cloud edition (starts at $1200/month)
AWS Amplify A mobile and frontend development platform, used for developing AWS full-stack applications * Analytics with auto-tracking and advanced metrics * Push notifications for engagement and targeting * On-device storage and syncing * Free Tier (free)
* Pay as you go ($0.01/build minutes, and $0.023/GB and $0.15/GB stored and hosting per month respectively)
KumulosMobile app development platform with mobile app hosting* Push notifications for personalized targeting * Mbaas with API integration feature* Startup (free with fees for additional services)* Enterprise (requirement-specific)* Agency (requirement-specific)


The choices given above are some of the top Parse alternatives one can consider opting for. Consulting with a software development expert can give you further insight into each. 


What is Parse?

Parse is a BaaS platform offering SDKs (software development kits) to develop mobile backends for a wide variety of platforms.

What are the core features of Parse?

– Database
– APIs
– Cloud Functions
– Authentication
– Notifications
– File Storage

What are the best Parse alternatives?

– Back4app
– Backendless
– Firebase
– Kinvey
– AWS Amplify
– Kumulos
– Kuzzle
– Heroku

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