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IaaS Service Providers in India

Previously, we used to keep our important data stored on computers’ hard drives. However, nowadays, cloud computing services have changed that tradition. The concept of cloud computing is all about providing services such as servers, databases, networking, etc. through the internet.

However, if you are curious to know more about IaaS and cloud computing, make sure to look at the details given below in this regard.

So, here we go:

Top Cloud Providers in Europe

Top Cloud Providers in Europe
Cloud Providers in Europe

The adoption of cloud services is rapidly increasing among businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals in Europe. A report of International Data Corporation discloses that the cloud market of Europe would expand around 22% per year till 2022.

Withal, if we talk about the best cloud providers in Europe, then Amazon is leading. Despite many differences, Amazon and Microsoft are the most used cloud services in European countries, including Germany, UK, France etc.

However, it is still tough to pick the most suitable cloud provider for European businesses. That’s why this article is discussing one of the best European cloud providers with their core properties. It would share the reasons behind the adoption of cloud computing as well.

Heroku Parse Server

Developing an application or software that goes online includes a lot of things. Some of the important ones are frontend designing, backend hardware resources, and server management. While the frontend designing is not that difficult to do, managing the resources and dealing with server management is the tricky part.

So, to make the application development process more efficient, quicker, and easier for the developers, different platforms offer different services. These services include hardware resources that can be virtually used, server management, and other feature-rich application development necessities. So, here we will be discussing them in detail.

What is CloudOye?

In this time of digital technology and online business, having a website has become necessary. It is because it makes reaching out to customers all over the world very easy. However, one thing that does not get easy while managing a website is the hosting work.

Well, in this case, platforms like CloudOye make things easier by providing their services. So, here we will be discussing their services, features, and advantages of getting their services.

Firebase AWS Alternative

With the devices and technologies getting smarter and smarter with every passing day, we can say that this is the era of wireless technologies. Daily life things switched towards the wireless world, but the things like business tools and software are also getting online. It is because of the amazing benefits that come with online business platforms.

However, hardware management was something that used to be very difficult, but it has also converted to wireless methods with the help of backend services providing platforms. Firebase is one of them, and here we will discuss it and some of its alternatives.

Does AWS offer a backend as a service?

A majority of organizations are transforming to cloud-based models to enhance user productivity, facilitate a mobile workforce, and obtain an ROI by decreasing the burden of managing IT resources.

Cloud-based models like Amazon Web Services with Backend-as-a-Service (AWS Amplify) are allowing businesses across the globe to stay both current and competitive.

Top 10 Cloud App Hosting Providers

Cloud application hosting makes applications and websites accessible. Unlike traditional hosting, virtual and physical cloud servers host the application or website, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

List of IaaS, PaaS, and BaaS providers

Have you ever considered to move your business to the cloud? If yes, then here are some of the most important acronyms for you to wrap your head around. 

  • IaaS 
  • PaaS 
  • BaaS

These are the three major types of cloud computing. Some of these you might have heard before. However, all of these are experiencing a surge in their popularity as more and more businesses are moving to the cloud. 

Backend Platform for Games

Although most single-player games do not require any internet connectivity, online multiplayer games do so. It is because multiple players need to be in one single game. So, this requires internet connectivity, but there is the involvement of server and hosting in this type of gameplay.

While it is not that efficient for the developers and gamers to manage their server-side hosting at huge scales, getting the Backend as a Service is the best choice, and here, we will be discussing it.

Kony Mobile Backend as a Service

Crucial elements, such as mobile devices and user identity, apps, data, and techniques to locate the device when required, are of utmost importance in the world today.

Mobile backend as a service is the solution to all these problems. So, what is it, and what are the best available mBaaS?

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