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Backend Platform for Games

Although most single-player games do not require any internet connectivity, online multiplayer games do so. It is because multiple players need to be in one single game. So, this requires internet connectivity, but there is the involvement of server and hosting in this type of gameplay.

While it is not that efficient for the developers and gamers to manage their server-side hosting at huge scales, getting the Backend as a Service is the best choice, and here, we will be discussing it.

Kony Mobile Backend as a Service

Crucial elements, such as mobile devices and user identity, apps, data, and techniques to locate the device when required, are of utmost importance in the world today.

Mobile backend as a service is the solution to all these problems. So, what is it, and what are the best available mBaaS?

Top 5 Android Application Providers

You have a great idea for an Android mobile app. Or your business is progressing, and you are in the state of adding a mobile app. Now the question becomes what type of hosting platform you should use? There are many types of hosting platforms that all have their pros and cons. Okay, so where do you start?

The first step is to decide if Cloud Hosting is the right move for you. This will be based on you and your company’s needs, though it will be a yes in most cases. To decide on this, you will first need to know what application hosting is and the advantages of cloud hosting. After that, you will need to know which hosting application works best for your company’s needs.

This is detailed out in the final section of top android application platforms.

List of Serverless, FaaS, and Baas Providers

As the technologies are constantly advancing, the life of computer users is becoming easier. Especially with the websites and applications developed for the mobiles are increasing the level of productivity a lot.

However, at the developers’ end, things are getting complex. It is because they have to develop the same application to work on different devices seamlessly.

Simultaneously, there are features like internet connectivity, networking, and other security features that make the overall development process complex and lengthy.

As a solution to this problem and for the ease of the developers, several platforms provide their services, and here we will discuss those platforms and their services. 

Best IaaS and PaaS Providers

Cloud computing has come a long way since the early days, with several different service models to cover the needs of businesses. These include PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS, and providers offering a combination of these services.

PaaS (platform-as-a-service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service) are both popular options for the practical benefits they offer to business owners and developers. In this article, you will get a detailed insight into PaaS and IaaS along with some information about the key providers of these cloud computing services.

Take a look. 

Amazon MBaaS

Application and software development is getting quicker because of the growing needs and better portable devices. However, this is causing issues at developers’ end because server management and networking require a lot of hard work.

While these things reduce a developer’s efficiency and increase the overall development time, MBaaS or Mobile Backend as a Service makes things better.

Here, the whole Backend for an application came pre-developed and managed by the service provider. All a developer needs to do is to develop the front end and connect it with managed services.

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Server for Your Android Application

The use of mobile applications is increasing rapidly. According to the Statista Research Department, around 108.5 billion mobile apps have been downloaded only by Google Play consumers in 2020. This download amount was 76 billion apps in 2018 and 85 billion apps in 2019.

These figures show a steady increment in mobile application downloads. The trend also builds a tough competition for the app development industry, especially when it comes to appointing the right database.

Withal, if you are an Android developer or associated with an app development business, then you must read this article. We are going to explain everything about the selection criteria for the right Android app database here.

Indeed, we would also share some of the most reliable databases for Android application with their pros and cons in this guide.

Top 5 Free Web Hosting Services For Android Applications

In today’s modern and fast-paced world, businesses must establish their credibility, create an online presence and improve sales. To achieve this, you need a highly functioning, user-focused website. Customers use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to look up a business online before making an informed purchase.

If you do not have an online website, the chances of your business reach potential customers can be very slim. Whether your business offers educational materials, marketing services, or consumable products, a website will bring visibility to your brand!

The first step in creating your website is to find a web hosting company. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 free web hosting services for android applications.

Top 5 iOS App Hosting Providers

It is noteworthy that the iOS platform tends to be one of the best mobile app hosting options in the market today. Apple users worldwide heavily rely on it. Undeniably creating high-performance and robust apps that satiate customer expectations might be a fretting task on its own.

However, getting the right services and resources for management, deployment, and development is also vital. 

Cloud hosting for iOS apps is amongst the best options for storage and hosting requirements. The typical server infrastructure issues can’t affect apps that are hosted in scalable and secure cloud environments. 

What is DomainRacer?

Whenever you are making a website for any purpose, two things will be necessary for the website. One is the domain name, and the other one is hosting. While the domain name holds a lot of value for the visitors, the hosting services are essential to make the website perform well.

If you are looking for a platform that provides you with all of these, then the answer to all of your questions is DomainRacer, and here we will elaborate on everything you need to know about this platform.